Ellwee The Next Generation Electric Golf Vehicle

November 25, 2020

“When you go to golf courses, most of the time they will put you in a traditional golf cart. Its boring, crowded and will occasionally have some sort of a GPS system in it. The golf game is changing with new vehicles that you can ride in/on while you play your round. From Golf Skate Caddy to Phat Scooters, to the Golf Bike, all of them are outside-the-box-vehicles that can make your round more interesting. Now, feast your eyes on the newest, latest and greatest, next generation electric golf vehicle.

From Sweden, ELLWEE is the newest vehicle you can cruise around on, on the golf course. ELLWEE is a company from Sweden (home of SAAB) and their goal is to become the premier market leader in electronic vehicles. So they thought, why not start in golf? With four different color variations, the ELLWEE is a perfect alternative to a traditional golf cart. They have a 20MPH max speed, 100KM range, 8 hour charge time and 280KG max load capacity.

The ELLWEE is a vehicle that creates versatilely during each and every round. Using the ELLWEE will create 30% faster rounds while dramatically reducing wear and tear on the golf course. With top-class engineering, electric knowledge and Scandinavian design you are sure to have an unbelievable time on the golf course. With anything, safety has to be the key with this electric golf vehicle. While you are cruising downhill, they have applied an engine break and ‘Geo Fencing’ has been created so you stay away from off-limit areas on the course. This electric golf vehicle is all about versatility while building a strong foundation in the ‘golf cart’ future.

With all the ‘new’ ways to get around the course these days, you will find the ELLWEE to be fun, time saving and safe as you make your way back out on the course. Take a look at this quick video to see it in action! Check out their website to learn more!”

Colton Little

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