Ellwee is setting a new standard. Until now, no electric bicycle or scooter has gone to market on four wheels, with multi purpose capabilities, still allowed in urban areas, on bicycle roads and/or car roads. We have made the Ellwee incredibly agile, yet stable and reliable for driving up to 10 hours consistently.

Ellwee will be propelled by a 1000 w electric motor with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. It will have type approval for Scooter EU, enabling the possibility to carry a second passenger. A mandatory traffic insurance will also insure the driver against most situations.

Ellwee is the first affordable electric multi purpose vehicle made in Sweden. The customer can choose from a number of ready fitted special edition Ellwees or simply assemble a bespoke Ellwee, choosing which accessories that will make it suit their individual needs. Ellwee is currently developing a variety of accessories that will be unique for this vehicle.

It’s a vehicle that anyone will love and it can be used by all generations of a family, from the age of 15 and up.