The Complete Fleet


Cities should be built for people.

Why spend time in traffic congestions, when you could be free and enjoy life. Cities should be built for people, not for cars.

Freedom to get up close.

ELLWEE is both silent, and maneuverable in tight spaces. It allows you to get up close, without disturbing your surroundings. Noise is the past – quiet is cool.

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Ellwee’s electrified powertrain control system is developed by T-Engineering, a world-renowned automotive manufacturer. Providing the ability add functions such as lane assist, auto breaking, gyro-control and GPS. Wiretronics provide our wire harness solution, and have distributed to leading manufacturers such as Volvo, McLaren, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.


The freedom to be yourself.

ELLWEE comes with attitude, just like you. We’ve built a vehicle that is highly customizable, so it can fit any style and need. So show the world who you are.

Freedom to focus on the fun.

ELLWEE is innovative, great for the environment and all that. But most of all, it’s easy and fun. We solved everything complicated, so you can focus on doing what you like.

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Safety is a key priority. For downhill we have fitted an engine brake, in addition to a parking brake system. ‘Geo fencing’ is built in protecting you from off-limit areas such as greens, water and danger zones, as well as a gyroscope to stabilize the vehicle from tipping. Ellwee will automatically slow if you don’t apply power to the throttle, as well as course specified settings.


The next generation electric golf vehicle.

Enjoy faster golf rounds with less wear and tear. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional golf carts.

Experience the safe and fun way to faster golf rounds with less wear and tear.

Ellwee offers secure transportation combined with a faster golf round. It’s fun, social and easy to drive. Our testing has shown an avg. of 25% faster rounds while using two Ellwee’s compared to your ordinary two- seated golf cart.

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Achieve near 30% faster rounds with Ellwee compared to traditional two-seater carts. For some of us, golf is a sport and time is extremely important. Nothing makes us better players than more play time.

Ellwee delivers a versatile, agile, and fun to drive experience. It has reimagined scooters and utility vehicles and has been developed to hold anything you desire through modular components such as coolers, roofs, two bag caddy and storage attachments.