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ELLWEE is the first green, affordable, multi-purpose vehicle, that seriously challenges traditional transportation and thinking.



Swedish Design And Technology

Sweden has a long history of design and technology, and a great reputation for high quality. Sweden is also among the top ranking countries in the Global Innovation Index, and are progressive in the field of environmental thinking.


Requirements On Suppliers

ELLWEE’s headquarter is in the city of Trollhättan, one hour north of Gothenburg. It is a global high-tech center for electric car manufacturing and battery development. There is a huge cluster of OEM and their sub suppliers in the area.



Next Generation Electric Vehicle

ELLWEE was created to become a key player in the green economy that is rapidly expanding across the globe. The company has developed the next-generation electric vehicle, focusing on ease of movement within urban- and confined areas/communities.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to have one vehicle which allows for all sorts of purposes, either as a vehicle for pinpointed usage or as a standard vehicle used as daily transportation in our daily environment.

The green transformation is not only morally correct and socially desirable, it is also economically smart. We’re convinced that we need new ways to transport ourselves to meet the requirements of a sustainable world.

At ELLWEE we want to do our part and being a role model, by leading the way. By offering an affordable, zero emissions, multi-purpose vehicle, ELLWEE have a chance of being a significant player in the global change towards a more sustainable future.
Going green is not only the right thing to do – It’s also big business.

Our mission is that ELLWEE will become the preferred electric vehicle for transportation in urban areas, outdoors activities and commercial mobility, by 2025.

3D View with AR

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Satisfied Ellwee costumer
We are satisfied when you are!

”Last Friday they came and delivered the ELLWEE. Saturday, I unpacked the box and it...

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Need carts for the upcoming season? We can deliver within 7 to 10 days!

Need carts for the upcoming season and having to wait for 3, 6, or more months? Contact...

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ELLWEE at the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show – February 5-10, 2022

The 2022 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show is coming to San Diego in February and you can...

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What they said about us

“ One of our objects is to facilitate the development of the sport by meeting all categories of golfers to have access. We need to get more golfers to play more often. Better access and speeding up rounds are two keys to that and that’s also why we work closely with ELLWEE.”

Mikael Sorling

CEO of PGA Sweden & Former Tour Player

“ ELLWEE is a product that not only minimizes slow play for golf courses and golfers alike. It also a product with a range of features and accessories that makes it state of the art in this industry. Besides, its cool and really fun to drive.”

Håkan Kjellqvist


“ I have driven ELLWEE, and I have to say it met my expectations. It’s agile and easy to drive for anyone. It definitely speeds up the game, but I can still drive side by side with my friend from tee to fairway to keep the social aspect.”

Sandra Carlborg

Professional Golfer & 4x World Champion

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